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The Unique Filter Care Process

The proven process consists of:

  • Marking your filters assure proper identification.  You ALWAYS get your filters back!

  • Assigning a tracking number for record keeping and quality control.

  • Pre-cleaning filters with a sonic dry cleaning technique, which involves an enclosed machine that uses air and vacuum systems to pull dirt away from the filter and dispose of debris in an environmentally sound container.

  • Soaking the filter in a special heat controlled soaking tank to loosen particles of dirt, grease and other debris.

  • Cleaning each filter thoroughly in special rinsing machines.

  • Hand rinsing to check for any dirt trapped in the seams.

  • Spinning each filter to remove any excess water, minimizing the time the filter is wet.

  • Drying all filters in a thermostatically controlled dryer.

  • Checking each filter under special high intensity sodium light for pinholes and flaws after the filter has dried.

  • Testing air flow of filter with a monometer.

  • Boxing your filter in 175 lb test boxes for easy delivery and warehousing.

  • Guarantee in writing each filter to be free from harmful defects and its performance to be equal to that of a new filter.

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